Are Bremas Boat Lift Switches Heavy Duty?

Bremas boat lift switches are heavy duty

Bremas boat lift switches are heavy duty, reliable boat lift controls that control the movement of the boat lift. They have a gasket sealed molded plastic housing that’s UL, NEMA, and CE compliant. visit site have easy-to-wire terminals for a secure, reliable installation. They work with motors ranging from one-half horsepower to twenty-amps.

Using a boat lift with an inadequate capacity will cause a voltage drop and will not be able to lift the boat. Insufficient voltage can also void a boat lift’s warranty, so make sure to use only marine-grade wire that is UL/CSA listed. You should also consider the weight of your boat lift, including its cradle and any accessories.
They are UL, NEMA, CE, SA compliant

The Bremas boat lift switch is a safe, easy-to-use boat lift safety switch with an UL, NEMA, CE, SA, and SA-compliant housing and handle. The switch automatically turns off the boat lift motor when the pressure is released from the handle. Its easy-to-wire design makes it an ideal choice for boats with up to one-half amp lift motors.

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